Once Upon a Stalker . . .

I just awakened from the most horrid dream. I was at some European conference with a large number of my colleagues when this one man began stalking one of my companions. After he cropped up at a handful of locations where we were, I told him to back off (with a fair number of expletives tossed in for good measure) . We left and I realized that we had accepted candy from him earlier in the trip. We must have been “bugged” by something in the food. Another one of my companions did some research and found that he was involved in that sort of technology, at which point, we saw him and ran. I crossed the street and hopped onto a bus full of Australian tourists, thus separating myself from the rest of the group. We drove off to who-knows-where, and I ended up befriending one of the men and getting off when we reached their final destination, a country club of sorts. It only took a few moments to realize that stalker-man owned a restaurant there. Having explained my situation to my new friend, I waited while he and the concierge went to the men’s room to have a chat off-camera. At this point, the stalker showed up. I ignored him until my companion returned.

The scene then cut to a banquet at the conference. I was sitting amongst my peers when I saw the stalker coming, at which point I got up to move next to my parents, telling my father that the man heading our way had been bothering me. At this point, the character in question sat down across from us, and one of his henchmen tossed him a gun. My first reaction was to lay myself out in front of both parents, but then he leaned over and started hitting them with it, only to lean back, cock the gun, and then fire at my father’s head. Nothing happened.

A gun was placed against his neck and fired, while other guns appeared throughout the banquet table and fired against his other henchmen. My Australian friend turned out to be the one who shot the stalker. The other gun-toting vigilantes were actually police offers who had hidden themselves among the scientists. As they revealed themselves, they explained that they had inactivated the microbes in our bodies and had a means of removing them – from all of us.

There was another issue, however: the woman that this man was originally stalking was in cahoots with him. She wasn’t actually the object of his obsession – I was. Her actions prevented me from fearing for my own safety until the wheels had already been set into motion. Needless to say, the police took her into custody.

And so I woke up and and wondered at what I had dreamt. I was still smarting from the initial betrayal that had been revealed and overwhelmed with gratitude for the relative stranger who had ultimately saved me from the madman. (I could have done without the violence.) As reality returned, I was and am still ever so thankful that none of it ever actually happened. If it had, I’d be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life!


About Alice

Student pharmacist by day, self-published author on nights and weekends.
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